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Community Post: Which Disney Villain Should Be Your Valentine?

Can you make the bad guys good for a weekend?

    1. Walt Disney Pictures


    2. Walt Disney Pictures


    3. Walt Disney Pictures


    1. Walt Disney Pictures


    2. Walt Disney Pictures


    3. Walt Disney Pictures


    1. Columbia


    2. Asylum / Atlantic

      “Thinking Out Loud”

    3. RCA

      “Just Give Me a Reason”

    1. Columbia

      “All of Me”

    2. Capitol

      “Stay With Me”

    3. RCA


    1. White wine

    2. Cosmo

    3. Tequila Sunrise

    1. Pina Colada

    2. Beer

    3. Margarita

    1. NBC

      Andy & April

    2. New Line Cinema

      Allie & Noah

    3. Paramount Pictures

      Sandy & Danny

    1. Walt Disney Pictures»,

      Troy & Gabriella

    2. StudioCanal

      Mark & Bridget

    3. ABC

      Morticia & Gomez

    1. Jeff Vespa / Getty

      Emma Stone

    2. Getty Images / Jason Merritt

      Chris Evans

    3. Chris Jackson / Getty Images

      Emma Watson

    1. Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

      Jamie Dornan

    2. Kevin Winter / Getty Images

      Jennifer Aniston

    3. Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

      Channing Tatum

    1. 20th Century Fox


    2. Warner Bros. Pictures

      “P.S. I Love You”

    3. Paramount Pictures

      “The First Wives Club”

    1. Intermedia

      “The Wedding Planner”

    2. Touchstone Pictures

      “Pretty Woman”

    3. New Line Cinema

      “The Wedding Singer”

    1. Waking up

    2. Dealing with heartbreak

    3. Going to party

    1. Healthy food

    2. Being with people

    3. Going to family dinner

Which Disney Villain Should Be Your Valentine?

  1. You got: Hans

    Oh my god, look at this face! You’ll have a lot of fun with this man! He has a wonderful smile and a white horse. Obviously, Hans is the man of your dreams.

    Walt Disney Animation Studios
  2. You got: Scar

    Oh, do you like bad boys? Then Scar is your soulmate. Together you can chase the stars and spend the nights looking at night sky.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  3. You got: Gaston

    Well, who hasn’t madly fallen for this guy? Great hair and massive biceps make him your special Valentine. He’s the perfect trophy to parade around your old friends.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  4. You got: Hades

    The greatest dark god can make you the happiest person on the earth. He’s smart and witty, so you won’t be bored. You will be drinking cosmos and talking about Greek poetry together ‘til sunrise.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  5. You got: Kronk

    Kronk is the nicest bad boy ever. With his love for animals and wide smile, he can’t wait to be your Valentine! He can cook, he can sing, he can dance–Kronk is a dream come true! And his crime– well, nobody’s perfect.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  6. You got: Jafar

    If you like warm summer nights and fancy jewelry, Jafar is totally your ideal Valentine. He has great style and incredibly high ambitions. He’ll take you on as many dates as you want.

    Walt Disney Pictures

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