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Joe Biden unsure why he’s meeting with video game developers, is no longer cool


Vice President Joe Biden and his gun violence task force brought a week of meetings to a close today by sitting down with representatives from the video game industry. Representatives of the NRA, who attended yesterday’s meeting, called the experience “disappointing” and accused the White House of simply “checking a box” by meeting with them. Gamers are no more thrilled to be associated with the Sandy Hook shootings than law-abiding gun owners were, and they seem to have just about as much confidence in Biden’s ability to prevent future violence. That box had to be checked too, though.

Today in Joe Biden’s political kabuki theater: video games.

— Assault Clip (@assaultclip) January 11, 2013

What does VP Biden even talk about with these video games guys, anyway? Just not a lot to say.

— Rob Blackwell (@ABWashBureau) January 11, 2013

Not a lot to say, you say? How about when Biden told game industry executives, “We’re anxious to see if there’s anything you can suggest to us that you think would help, as this president said, diminish the possibility of … if we save even one kid’s life.”

Good to see Joe Biden is tackling guns by talking about video games. Next week he’ll lead discussion on D&D groups taking over our schools.

— Dave (@Dave_Blogger) January 12, 2013

Biden is an idiot. Violent video games made by developers aren’t going to stop being made or “less violent” #cantfixmentalillnesses #stopit

— Erik Bry Hagfors (@bryguybry) January 12, 2013

Saw something briefly about Vice President Biden talking about violence in video games. Apparently no one remembers Tipper Gore

— Solomon Q.Z. (@SolomonQZ) January 12, 2013

Did I just hear on the news something about Biden wanting to ban violent video games? No COD? No Halo? Bitch I will start a civil war.

— Tara Stenger (@taraannstenger) January 12, 2013

Joe Biden is holding meetings with game developers to discuss guns in video games. Yes, that’s right. Because blaming it on games works =/

— WordswithMeaning!(@Wordswithmeanin) January 11, 2013

“And, I’m, uh, going to need to see video game producers, too, and, uh, tell them to bring some new games. These ones suck.” – V.P. Biden*

— Ruminator 1 (@roomynation) January 11, 2013

Is joe Biden really trying to blame video games for the killing sprees? Rather than answering the real issue of mental health and gun cntrol

— Jose Marin (@nfgrockerdude) January 11, 2013

Joe Biden needs to sit his old ass down because violent video games have nothing to do with real world violence.

— JaQuez Avondre(@SexciiP) January 11, 2013

Sooo now video games kill people Biden?Oh wait they encourage the shootings… MmmmSo what about the media?#greaterevil #scaredforUSA

— Kevin Morey (@kippergolf) January 11, 2013

Joe Biden is after “mature video games” now… He sure knows what to go after! AntiViolentGameAct2013, GET EM JOEhahahahaguns guns guns

— Casey Rasch (@CaseyRasch) January 11, 2013

Biden: We don’t know if video games have anything to do with gun violence. Me: So far, every credible study says “no.”

— Rus McLaughlin (@rusmclaughlin) January 11, 2013

Really? Asked whether the culture had been coarsened by violent video games, Biden responded, ”I do not know the answer to that question.”

— EJ Passeos (@ejpasseos) January 11, 2013

That’s not the only thing Biden doesn’t know. “We don’t even know whether some of things people think impact on this actually impact on this or not,” he said to Electronic Arts head John Riccitiello, inspiring confidence in absolutely no one. Biden and his task force have the weekend to figure something out, as he’s announced he’s “shooting for Tuesday” to deliver the task force’s recommendations.

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