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Parents: Your Weird Diets Are Making Your Children Sick!

As adults, we try a wide variety of diets to stop from gaining a few extra pounds and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

BUT, while these diets may be perfectly fine for grown-ups, that doesn’t mean that subjecting our children to these same regimens won’t prove to be detrimental to their health. By forcing our kids to be vegan or following a strict diet, we could actually be depriving them of the nutrients they need. Rather than improving their day-to-day health, we just might be making them sicker.

Some parents are finding this out the hard way after their children became ill because of their strict dietary restrictions.

One Pennsylvania mother is currently behind bars after being charged with child endangerment. She is accused of neglecting her son’s medical conditions brought about by his diet.


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The child was brought to a medical professional after the boy’s father noticed he was severely malnourished. According to reports, the young boy was only fed small pieces of fruit and nuts.


As a result of his strict diet, he began breaking out in rash. The boy’s motor skills were also largely effected. The boy was admitted to a local hospital, but has since been released and returned to the care of his father.


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Children in other parts of the world are also experiencing medical problems caused from the diets imposed by their parents. In Italy, a 14-month-old was rushed to the hospital and it was discovered he weighed what a three-month-old should.


The toddler’s malnutrition caused a deficiency in his calcium levels, eventually making him have a serious heart condition that required emergency surgery.


The child’s parents were strict vegans and they forced the same dietary restrictions on the toddler — even after his health took a turn for the worst.


An Italian court ruled that the child should remain under the hospital’s care, as the parents are unfit to raise him. The grandparents, who brought him to the hospital, and they may win custody.


No matter how much control we think we need to have over our kid’s diets, sometimes you just have to let a kid be a kid.

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