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Pregnant Mother Faces Backlash After Posting Crossfit Workout Pictures

Most people encourage pregnant women to stay active, to keep up a healthy lifestyle for both mommy and the baby. So, you would never expect anyone to be upset that a pregnant mother was exercising. But that just happened.

Lea-Anne Ellison is a 35 year-old body builder from Los Angeles… and she is 8.5 months pregnant.

She posted pictures of herself completing one of her workouts… and the backlash was huge.

Although many people admired her dedication to keeping herself in top physical shape, many were disgusted.

Hundreds of comments encouraged her to stop, saying that it was bad for the baby and could result in her losing her child.

“She is very selfish for endangering a life for her own personal gains and achievements. This is not a proud picture to post.”

“That amount of weight lifted above the head is extremely dangerous while pregnant. Cross fit is a hobby, not a necessity to life. It’s becoming unconscious to the dangers of reality.”

She is dedicated to her Crossfit workouts and active lifestyle; she was surprised at the negative comments.

Many people reacted very badly, as if she posted pictures of herself drinking and smoking.


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